Engaging, meaningful presentations: skills for technical people

Workshop length: 3 hours
Group size: 8 – 12

This unique workshop helps engineers, scientists and other technically-minded people to put themselves in the shoes of their audience and deliver presentations that are engaging, relevant and memorable.

“Make it compulsory – those that think they don’t need it probably do!”

About the workshop

Technical people are born to do technical work.

Technical people choose engineering degrees or IT jobs – not drama school, public relations or auctioneering – because they prefer to do the work rather than talk about the work. But when it comes time to tell the world about what you do, finding the right language and approach means more people will hear your message, remember it, and understand how you can help them.

Learn how to keep your audience awake so they remember what you need them to remember.

Participants learn:

  1. How to deliver an introduction that sets the pace for your presentation and makes the audience sit up and listen.
  2. Simple but effective techniques to raise the energy in the room.
  3. How to be engaging (at least for the ten minutes you’re in front of your audience).
  4. Moving out of your comfort zone so you don’t need to rely on run-of-the-mill presentations (because you’re engaging).
  5. That making a fool of yourself can be an excellent way to give an enjoyable presentation.
  6. Awareness of your stage presence and complicité with your audience and co-presenters.
  7. How to put yourself in your audience’s shoes so you can tell them just what they need to know.

Improvisation for technical people helps you to develop a better understanding of an audience and clients. This means more streamlined communications – and also the potential for more creative, collaborative and sustainable business solutions. 

Best for: engineers, scientists and technically trained people looking to enhance their presentation skills

Read how engineers and scientists at the Department of Water enjoy this course ever year here.  To book this workshop at your organisation email rachael@strategiccreativityatwork.com.au or call +61 450 393 336.

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