In 2011 I opened my talk at an engineering conference with a handstand.

I was just back from full time circus school in the north of England and was astounded by what performance could teach us about the way we communicate, work and learn.

The handstand receive a round of applause. Our session of 100+ delegates was the most raucous of the event and (many said afterwards) the most fun. They also left with
profound takeaways about the nature of their work.

Here are some of the talks I’ve given since.

Local Government Professionals Women’s Summit 2017
Finding Your Voice
A session for women to find their voice in the workplace. Drawing on history, women investigate why they don’t speak up at work, what’s worth speaking up for, and how to get out of their own way. 90 minutes of storytelling, play and reflection for 120 delegates.

“Rachael’s Finding Your Voice workshop added an enjoyable, engaging and fun way to present on a topic instead of the usual death by Powerpoint.  I loved it, and would 100% definitely recommend Rachael.”
Luana Abbott, Conference co-ordinator, Local Goverment Professionals Australia

TEDx Bunbury 2017
How a little bit of yoga could help with a big health care problem

2017 Social Impact Festival
Healing for Impact
Alongside Holyoake CEO and 2015 Telstra businesswoman of the year Angie Paskevicius about how we have built Yoga for Pain Care Australia to transform pain care in isolated communities.

The engineer who ran away to the circus
Guest talks
For health and community groups like Fibromyalgia Support Network WA that draw on my experience overcoming chronic illness, a circus performer with a fear of heights, and building a social enterprise from scratch.

2016 International Scientific Pain Meeting
The role of yoga in pain management

Engineers Without Borders Conference 2011
Imagineering problem solving
How do engineers solve social problems sitting in their office? Opening handstand received a round of applause and over one hundred engineers played Improv games to uncover ways engineers can make a difference. 60 minutes 100 + engineers.

Westminster Briefings 2009
Social enterprise in public service delivery
Alongside winner of The Apprentice Tim Campbell a lively discussion of how social enterprise can change public service delivery.

Image: Henderson Graphics CC